About Our Studio

Our design and development process.

We make creating a website or brand for your business a fun and straightforward process. We aim to involve you and translate your awesome ideas into a visually appealing and effective design. We produce brands and websites that represent you, and we streamline this by learning about your business and navigating based on the information and your input.


Initial Consultation And Ideas

We will sit down and discuss your ideas.and your likes or dislikes of your current website or brand (if it applies). We then present you with initial plans to match your desires with a concept that will be successful online without losing focus on the essentials.


Research And Strategy

We will take the information and ideas from our consultation and begin researching your industry, competitors, and global success examples. We will create a strategy that will set you above your competition while keeping your vision.


Design And Development

After we have identified an appropriate strategy, we will begin the design process. Presenting you with a few potential layouts and styles and beginning development on the design that best speaks to the awesomeness of your company.


Feedback And Launch

The final stretch. We have now designed and developed your website, and it is time for user testing. We will provide you with a link to a staging website where you can test your new features, provide feedback, and give us the thumbs up to publish it!

Our Studio

A small studio with a big history in web.

We are a locally owned, family, and veteran operated company located in Buda, Texas. We have an extensive background in web design, development, and systems administration. Excellent problem solvers, and meticulous by nature, we focus on creating pixel-perfect websites that actually convert visitors into clients and customers through visual experience.

Our absolutely unique story.

Our journey started in 2014 when we created a software that we needed to sell access to monthly; these days referred to as Software as a service(SaaS). With a lot of programming experience but minimal web development experience, we hired an outside company to build our distribution site for us. We had very little knowledge about prices for design, and our focus was to get what we needed as cost-effective as we could, a decision that would come back to haunt us.

Fast forward two years, and after the exponential growth of our company, we were beginning to notice a rapidly increasing discrepancy between the number of renewing software licenses and the profits that were expected based on these renewals. Long story short, the website we had designed at a fraction of the cost that we should have paid, was riddled with errors. These errors resulted in thousands of dollars in losses every month. We received outrageous quotes from local companies to resolve these issues, and we're already paying the largest "managed to host" company (who just so happens to be local) $500 a month for what we would later come to find out was a glorified shared hosting environment.

With a background in programming, Kyle (our Developer here at Buda Web Studio) decided to take on the task of identifying the problem areas and resolving them before any further damage occurred. To solve this, it required the learning of new programming languages, PHP, and SQL. In about one month, the target areas identified and resolved. We were still having issues without website constantly going offline, and after getting run-around after run-around from our local "managed hosting" company that we were forking $500/mo out to, we decided it was time to take these matters into our own hands. The required a lot of new experience in building and managing our servers. LAMP stacks, LEMP stacks, Authentication servers, and more. After a few months, we eventually got off of the nasty $500/mo hosting on to the server network that resulted in us saving $450 a month on server costs, and also resulted in a 235% increase in website uptime. Our website now had a 99% uptime, impressive!

In 2017 we began developing websites for startups, SaaS companies specifically, with a big focus on automatic payment processing and integration with multiple external Software and APIs. During this period, we afforded the time and freedom to begin stepping into the design aspect of the web, HTML, CSS, and JS. We focused on a lot of freelance work for other companies where we began to build both the front and back end of websites.

As time when on and with numerous website design and development projects under our belt for other companies and our partnerships, we decided to put it all together to form our own company that focuses on producing quality websites that are worth the money put into them. After working with companies large and small all over the world, we aimed to begin a company locally in the town that we were born and raised. Our focus is on providing a service that even our massive neighbor, Austin, Texas, would look at us and marvel at our work.

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